Sunday, January 23, 2011

Our first tech work day

It was a gloriously sunny day in San Francisco on Saturday. So obviously what else would a small group of teachers and parents want to do, but spend it inside the school fixing things, installing computers and testing new hardware?

Thanks to that small group of teachers and parents, we achieved the following:

Two 3rd grade classrooms got more computers set up for the children to work on, meaning that access to the internet for research, or to Ticket to Read will be that much easier.

One 3rd grade teacher finally got her laptop to work with her LCD projector.

Three teachers have new art and math software loaded onto their classroom computers, ready for their students to use.

Sadly two non-functioning computers were diagnosed and found to have serious if not fatal problems. But at least we know that now.

And we set up and tested the Wiimote Whiteboard and an IPEVO USB Camera in a classroom. More on that later.

I suspect it may have felt to the parents with the technology know-how that they weren't doing anything special. But as the "runner" on the team, I know that what they were doing may come easily to them, but really doesn't to a lot of other people. There will be some very grateful people in school next week.

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